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S-Grapher/VectorGraphics 1.0
Copyright © 2007, Bruno Andrighetto

This JavaScript application lets you view some preset patterns called s-graphs. What is an s-graph? It's the name I've given to a pattern generated by playing around with some trig functions. These patterns look similar to spirographs, but use a different principle.

Warning: The drawing library can be resource-hungry, so it's advisable not to enter small angle increments (less that 3). Also, it's best to have only one s-graph pattern on screen at a time, so make sure you Clear before requesting a new pattern to be drawn.

Back in 1997 I wrote a Java applet called S-Grapher Lite. This JavaScript-based version extends the functionality by allowing users to create new s-graphs. It uses the JavaScript VectorGraphics Library.

Requires a JavaScript-enabled browser, that is compatible with the VectorGraphics Library.

If your browser supports the <canvas> tag, a <canvas> tag version is available. If your browser supports Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), an SVG version is available. Failing all that, a Flash version is available.

Last updated: May 24, 2008