(or, how this site is put together)

This site has been put together on Apple Macs and MacBooks, running Mac OS X.

TextMate is used to edit the text, markup and scripts. Some of the older content was originally prepared using emacs. The source for the pages is hand-edited, bare-bones HTML and JavaScript. The markup is then processed by a Ruby script to merge the content with template files to produce a series of static pages, which are then published to the site. HTML Tidy is used to fix up any invalid markup and make sure the source of the pages is nicely indented. Another Ruby script updates the sitemap. There are also some Python scripts that do other housekeeping.

Apache Subversion is used for revision control. Before 2011, CVS was used for revision control.

Apache Ant is used to manage the building of the site.

My image editor of choice is Acorn. Older images were created using Macromedia Fireworks 3.

Some photos were taken with an Apple QuickTake 150 camera (really). An old Apple PowerBook 1400cs running Mac OS 8.1 and QuickTime 2.5 was then used to convert the photos from a proprietary compressed PICT format to JPEGs. These images were then transferred to a newer Mac for further processing using Preview to reduce file size. Some of the images were rotated and/or cropped.

Java applets originally created using Metrowerks CodeWarrior back in early 1997.

Flash stuff written using Macromedia Flash 4, with some stuff written using Macromedia Flash 5 during a 30-day evaluation period.

Director stuff written using an evaluation version of Macromedia Director 8.