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SketchPad Applet

Sorry, this applet requires a Java-enabled browser.

This applet lets you use the mouse to draw simple pictures.

You can select from a palette of Java colours. Also, there are several paintbrush thicknesses to choose from.

Rather than try to re-invent the wheel, I have decide to provide a couple of features not found in typical paint programs. For example, there is a 'Symmetry' option. I won't try to explain it, just try it and see what it does. This feature lets you quickly create some interesting symmetrical patterns.

Another unusual feature is the 'XOR-it' button. Clicking this button will XOR the picture, so black areas become white, and other colours are replaced with their complements.

The 'Clear' button does what you'd expect it to. The 'Fill' button will use the current selected colour to fill the whole drawing area.

Let me know of any problems. The performance of the applet will depend on the system you are using. Don't expect too much and you might enjoy using the applet.

Source code:

Last updated: July 18, 2000