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S-Grapher INXS

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This applet lets you view some preset patterns called s-graphs. What is an s-graph? It's the name I've given to a pattern generated by playing around with some trig functions. These patterns look similar to spirographs, but use a different principle.

The 'INXS' version doesn't let the user create new s-graphs. But it does let you select from several built-in s-graphs via a pull-down menu at the top of the applet's window. Another pull-down gives you limited colour control. The Redraw button at the bottom causes the current s-graph to be redrawn.

Due to an inconsistency between Netscape Navigator and other browsers/applet viewers, you must explicitly tell the applet what you are using to run it. This is done via a pull-down in the bottom panel of the applet.

If I have the time I will develop a version that allows users to create their own s-graphs by experimenting with the parameters to the relevant functions.

I would be very grateful if you could give me some feedback. In particular, I'd like to know:

  • what you think of the applet
  • which computer, operating system and browser are you using
  • if it takes long to draw the whole INXS s-graph
  • if you experience the double redraw problem with your system
  • if you have any better names for the presets
  • what features I should add
  • whether I should make the drawing area larger

Please use the address on the contact page.

Source code:

Last updated: July 18, 2000