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This page contains links to some INXS articles/reviews/interviews in languages other than English.

Note: The content was last updated on July 9, 2000. I'm no longer actively maintaining it. I'll be leaving it up as-is for legacy purposes (e.g. to make sure links to it don't break). However, you can still contact me about it if you want.

If you are able to translate any of them into English, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me (Bruno Andrighetto) if you can help us out. Also, let me know of any other INXS-related documents that you find on the web.

I can't offer you anything for your efforts. However, you may have your translation posted to the excellent An Excess of INXS site, IMHO the best and most comprehensive web site for any musical artist.

When translations become availaible, this page will include links to them. Also, articles which are currently being translated are marked as such.

If no translation has been provided yet, you can check out the Babelfish translation by clicking the button provided. Babelfish currently supports the following languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Let me know if there are any other online translation services.

Due to work commitments, I will not be able to actively search for any new articles. However, feel free to send me any translations or new URLs for non-English articles about INXS. If you want to search for articles in particular languages, try AltaVista.

Last updated: February 8, 2009

New Articles

News item from Argentina about Michael's death
Apareció muerto en un hotel el líder de la banda de rock INXS
[ Translation ] by Paulina Karadagian

French article
"Michael Hutchence: le blues du rocker" - Intro
[ Translation ] by Markus Pfeffer and Mistress Kelly, via INXS list
Main text

Greek article
Michael Hutchence Is Dead :-(

German article - may have been moved?
RED. Magazine: Michael Hutchence (INXS) ist tot

Swiss article/review, in French

Very brief item from Paraguay
[ Translation ] by Jaime Castañeda Gussinyé

Interview from Costa Rica
Nacion Digital - Revista Viva
[ Translation ] by Jaime Castañeda Gussinyé

Older Articles

Interview from Argentina
Clarín Digital:"Desconfiamos de los temas que son éxitos"
[ Translation ] by Karen Gerard

Item from Argentina
[ Translation ] by Danilo Meira

Chinese review (from Hong Kong)
StarZine Interactive

Danish review of EW
GAFFA april 97, anmeldelser

Dutch items
[ Translation ] by Marcel de Natris

Het Nieuwsblad
[ Translation ] by Marcel de Natris

German items
Hurricane 97

RZ-Online CD-Corner 01. Mai 1997

Hungarian review of EW
Irisz - net and roll

Indonesian review of EW
Republika Online

Norwegian items
Dagbladet - nyheter

Dagbladet - anmeldelser


Polish article/review of EW

Slovakian article/review of EW
Dennik SME

Swedish reviews of EW
Nerikes Allehanda On-Line

Arkiv CD-recensioner



Turkish item

From Malaysia, but link is now broken

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