Some of my Old Toys

Recently while packing away and moving some stuff, I came across a few old toys from my early childhood. I had been looking for mini-projects as an excuse to play with some new toys, a scanner and a digital camera, so I thought I'd put pictures of my old toys and their packaging on my web site.

These childhood toys weren't necessarily my favourites, and in fact I can barely remember playing with them. But they show how far we've come since the early 1970s. The packaging is also a source of amusement, being that the toys were manufactured in Japan and the instructions on the boxes are fun to decipher.

Below are links to pictures of the toys. I'm by no means a professional, or even amateur photographer, so don't bother criticising the lighting or camera angles. In fact, I stopped taking photos in my early teens 'cause I sucked badly. In my defence, poor equipment and lack of training didn't help.

The toys ...

  1. Wonderland Locomotive
  2. Turn-Over Monkey
  3. Tricycle